Banking and Finance

The global banking and finance sector is facing increasing financial, regulatory and political pressures and the capital requirements are increasing, these financing needs, with the added pressure from the adaptation to new regulations and rules, create difficulties in the business cycle. As Astra Law Firm, we advise lenders and borrowers on a wide range of financial transactions covering all financial product lines, including project finance, infrastructure finance, acquisition finance, corporate lending and structured finance, and we facilitate their work in this challenging arena.

Whether you are a financial institution, asset manager, mutual fund, accountant, private company, public agency or public entity, your business is only as good as the products you sell and the services you offer. For this reason, we organize our teams according to the business lines of your sector and provide you with an in-depth consultancy and legal service on the commercial and legal problems you may encounter. Our team is ready to provide the legal service you need, thanks to its broad insight and experience that can assist in structuring and documenting transactions that will help provide specific financing for each sector.

As Astra Law Firm, we offer our local and foreign clients legal support in areas such as:

  • Procurement and project financing,
  • Securitization and structured finance,
  • Financial restructuring,
  • Derivative Products and other financial instruments,
  • Asset financing,
  • Islamic banking and finance,
  • Trade, export and real estate financing,
  • Loans and other banking products.