Astra Law Firm

As Astra Law Firm, we know that the most important part of a law firm is its team. For this reason, we care very much about whom our team consists of, and we invest in our team at the highest level.

As Astra Law Firm, in order to provide the highest quality legal service to our clients, we seek to work with people who are the best in their field or who have the potential to be the best. In return, we offer our team career opportunities that enable them to be the best in their field.

Our team members know, at the time they start working in Astra, what responsibilities they will start to take and when, what position they can reach in which year, and which opportunities they will have and when. Since all members of our team will have the opportunity to take part in every stage of the legal service offered to the client in the projects they are involved in and will learn something new every day, they both enjoy the feeling of professional satisfaction every day and experience professional development continuously.

Our future team members can reach us by choosing the position they want to apply for from the options below.