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Astra Law Firm

Astra Law Firm has a young and dynamic team of lawyers who are chosen among the graduates of Turkey’s leading universities. As Astra Law Firm, we provide a high-quality service to our clients in various fields. We know that in order to provide a preventive and reparative legal service at the highest standard, being an expert in our field, constantly doing research, giving the necessary importance to details and to the needs of our clients while being fast at the same time are indispensable elements of our business. In this respect, we offer a fast, accurate, and economical legal service to our clients with a team of experts, without compromising the elements of accuracy, honesty, loyalty, reliability, and professionalism.

Our expertise

Practice Areas

Our main areas of practice include commercial and administrative litigation, capital markets law, banking and finance, construction law, international arbitration, labor law, real estate law, and tax law. You can find detailed information about our practice areas via the relevant practice area buttons below.


We care about your privacy.

Attention to detail

We offer a legal service that takes every detail into consideration.

Solution focused approach

We prioritize the commercial and personal needs of our clients.


Trustworthiness is always among our priorities in the services we provide to our clients.


We search for the most ideal solution for our clients without fear of thinking outside the box.

Fast and quality service

We provide fast legal service without sacrificing quality.



It is one of the primary duties and objectives of our office to inform our clients of current legal changes and to raise general legal awareness.

Legal Support

You can contact us for your questions.