Arbitration is one of the alternative dispute resolution methods. Arbitration gives parties the opportunity to resolve their disputes in a faster manner and also a fairer and more satisfactory trial process as the dispute is resolved by arbitrators who are experts in the field. The popularity of arbitration continues to increase and it is frequently preferred to court proceedings, especially in international disputes. In the arbitration process, it is important to fund the legal expenses, appoint an arbitrator, submit documents, cross-examination of witnesses and experts. As Astra Law Firm, it is one of our main objectives to provide our clients with a transparent service of quality from the beginning of the proceedings to the end of it, with our experience in the field of arbitration.

As Astra Law Firm, we offer our local and foreign clients legal support in areas such as:

  • Preparation of arbitration agreements,
  • Funding,
  • Appointment of an arbitrator,
  • Cancellation of the arbitration decision,
  • Execution of the arbitration award,
  • Enforcement of the arbitral award.